The Truth by Terry Pratchett

Yesterday was a bad day, I had spent most of it working on this 3000 word essay I was doing on terminal illnesses and how people view death. This involved a lot of research on people with terminal illnesses and spending a whole day reading about death in that way is hard. When I gave up at 4 in the afternoon I was drained. I was feeling very depressed and kind of sick and all I wanted to do was curl into a ball and cry. So I went to my room and began looking around in my book shelves for the most comforting book I had. I grabbed The Truth. I must clarify here that this isn’t a happy, feel good book. It doesn’t in any way restore your faith in humanity, in fact there are some quite horrible people in this book who never change. This book is set in Discworld, the world that travels through space on the back of four elephants who are all sitting on a turtle. There are dwarves in this book, quite a lot of them though they probably aren’t what you expect. There is a troll and he is probably closer to what you expect but he still wears a suit, there is a werewolf and some imps and a vampire and he is definitely not what you expect. I don’t care what you think when you think vampire, I can almost guarantee he’s not like that. He doesn’t sparkle, at all. He does explode a few times though but that is just a kind of joke. Oh and did I mention this book is all about William de Worde, editor of the Ankh Morpork Times. He just wants to get at the truth, unfortunately everyone else wants to get at him. It is a hilarious and captivating and fantastical and slightly philosophical book. It has got to be one of my favourite books ever, it is definitely by my favourite author ever. It is a must read that I have read so many times the binding is coming apart in my copy. It makes me smile like an idiot every time I read it though that effect is not isolated to this book alone, when I get to the and of pretty much every Terry Pratchett books I am so full of feelings I don’t even know what to do with myself. Image


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